John McKee Service Award

John McKee Service Award

In 2022, the Clyde Hewitt Merit Award was renamed to honor an active community member, Kiwanis Past President, Kiwanian of the Year, Committee Chair of the Year, God and Fellowman recipient, and the George F. Hixon Fellowship Award. The merit award is to recognize members who through their attendance and participation are considered to be worthy of special recognition. All Kiwanians are encouraged to participate in this program every year. The award is computed September through August, and awards are given at the annual Installation Dinner. Points are assigned to each activity as follows, and members accumulating 100 points or more qualify for the award.


Activities worth 1 point: Club Meetings

For example: Tuesday lunch meetings; monthly board meetings.


Activities worth 3 points: Off Site Meetings and Social Events

For example: Interclubs; Pearl Harbor Luncheon; Fireman of Year; Policeman of Year; After Hours events; God and Fellow Man; Installation; and other social events and activities.


Activities worth 5 points: Service Projects, Activities, and Events

For example: Salvation Army bell ringing; President's Project; Kiwanis One Day; Greenfest; Hope Wall programs; Back to School fairs; Coats for Kids; Holiday Food drive; parades; other special service projects/events/activities.


Activities worth 5 points: For the Good of the Club

For example: District and International conventions; club officers; Board of Directors; committee chairs and event organizers; sponsored group and other club liaisons.


Activities worth 8 points: Club Fund Raisers

For example: working at Pancake Day; Pancake Day ticket sales exceeding 30 tickets; working Peanut Day; taking out a Placemat ad; Golf outing; See’s Candy purchase exceeding $75.


Activity worth 10 points:

For example: Sponsor a new member; start a new club; new club advisor; District or Division Board or Committee.

Revision November 2015. Updated September 2018. Revised November 2022

2022-2023 John McKee Service Award Recipients: Danny Ahern, Lucas Albright, Steve Beatty, Dave Bohman, Bob Bridgman, Christina Campos, Jose Cervantes, Paul Clennon, Bill Donnell, Kim Groom, Alex Haughee, Jack Hienton, John Hohm, Joe Hopp, John McKee, Ernie Poochigian, John Ross, Debbie Smith, Brian Tonner, Cheryl Vonhoff, Frank Voris, Denny Wiggins.