God and Fellow Man

What is the God & Fellow Man Award?

Our club honors a community member(s) for his/her/their spiritual and charitable contributions to our community.  Nominees' qualifications to be considered:

  • Encourages the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships
  • Serves as a role model for the community: While a role model carries qualities of leadership, an individual can serve as role models for a small or significant part of their community without leading it.
  • Helps improve the lives of children in our community: May have created a special project (small or large-scale effort), Efforts are carried out with dedication and enthusiasm to address community needs
  • Shows tremendous leadership skills: Makes a positive impact on children in the community through volunteer efforts or charitable work
  • Form coming soon for 2024 God & Fellow Man Award nomination(s)

Past recipients
1975    Father Sylvester J. Eye
1976    Major Eric Britcher
1977    Patricia Miller
1978    Rev, Edwin Millen & Rev, W. David Diercks
1979    Caroly Alschuler
1980    J. Keith Gibson
1981    Don & Dee Anderson
1982    Arthur D. Court
1983    Rev. Paul Johannaber
1984    Dr. Harry Greely
1985    Ruth Dieterich Wagner
1986    Sister Mary Loretta
1987    Neal & Margery Ormond
1988    C.W. "Champ" Boutwell
1989    Father Jerome Leake
1990    John Galles
1991    Donald E. Nelson
1992    William E. Kettley
1993    Lorraine Hawkins
1994    Kenneth Swanson
1995    Norm Titiner
1996    William "Bud" Meyer
1997    Stephen J. Andras
1998    Barbara Wesby          
1999    Marie Wilkinson
2000    William M Healy
2001    Frank Voris 
2002    George and Rita Smith 
2003    Henry Cowherd, Jr. 
2004    Avis P. Miller
2005    John F. McKee
2006    Sister Marcian Diesenroth
2007    Fr. David Engbarth & Pastor Dan Haas
2008    Gary McCann
2009    Sr. Kathleen Ryan, Sr. Ann Clennon, Sr., Jane Ann Beckman
2010    Nancy Hopp 
2011    Gary Ahasic
2012    Neal & Mary Clark Ormond
2013    Drs. David & Susan Leader
2014    Deacon Bruce Watermann
2015    Laura Martinez
2016    Kiwanis Club of Aurora
2017    Desiree Guzman
2018    Dennis Wiggins
2019    Jo Fredell Higgins
2020    No award - COVID-19
2021    Dick & Arlene Hawks
2022    No spring award
2023    Michelle Meyer